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Privacy Statement

  • What information do you collect?

  • OUTJAX Radio collects information via the wix automated services we use. They include the sign in via Google and Facebook, the Email Sign up, and the Subscriber section found on the bottom of our sites. The information we collect is limited in nature to enough information that you can log in to the services on our website and we can tell you the cool stuff going on. Anything more than that is not needed and will never be required. This includes basic info such as name, email address, and nickname. 

  • How do you use the information?

    OUTJAX Radio only uses the information that you provide to send communications to you or send promotional emails that are relevant to OJR. We may send emails to you that include events that OJR does not conduct or operate because we think it is cool and you may want to know about it. These are from us and not from anyone else.  

  • What information do you share?

    OUTJAX Radio does not share information with any outside parties or third parties. All information given to use by a subscriber or member is only used by OUTJAX Radio.