This Week Out of Jax

New This week.

· Morning Sushi continues to get better and better. Mindy has the crew in stitches and our audience is loving it!

· Outjax now has Soundcloud for all Audio Recordings, starting with Morning Sushi. Radio shows with music are still live-only.

· Plans are in the works for Simulcasting including IGTV, Youtube, and Twitch.

· The Springfield Neighborhood continues to be a hella-awesome place for our new home.


The entire crew has been hard at work to develop and deliver a week over week show called

Morning Sushi. It started as a "thing" we did as a round table and has quickly come to be a hilarious make fun of anything and everything kind of show with quite a bit of heart and love mixed in. Our host, Mindy, has been killing it with her mix of Sassy and Dead-pan delivery along side guests from around Jacksonville talking about anything and everything our crew comes up with week over week. Gene Simmons Ice Cube Cereal Love Affair, Creepy Kevin Spacey Xmas Video, and plastic dinosaurs getting it done on camera for some of the topics. Find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/outjaxradio.


OUTJAX is up on Soundcloud! Take us anywhere with you now and listen in on the stupidity as we deliver new and barely informative topics taken from around the web. Well... some of them are quite informative! Find on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/outjax


We know people are busy. We have plans in the works to deliver L-I-V-E on your platform. IGTV, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and the list will grow. We also want a viewer here on our main site. Stay tuned for more on this!


Our home in the Springfield Neighborhood of Jax has been amazing. We love Springfield and while we stay pretty quiet and to ourselves, this will not last. Eventually we want to open our studio to you and yours for events! More on that as it comes along. Right now we have roof repair that must happen first. We're thinking of OUTJAX RADIO 3000 as soon as we get fully settled in. Who wants a movie and a show? : )

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