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Morning Sushi was a lot of fun this week. DJV (aka Veronica) joined in while Mindy laid down some serious topic throw-down. One of the special things about this show is that DJV and Mindy are best friends so you get to hear some inside scoop facts, did we REALLY want to admit that? We did something we have been careful not to do in the past. We got our staff to laugh out loud on camera. Normally they try to be so nice and quiet and the next thing we know, they are commenting on air right with us! If you watch and like it we are looking to expand our audience, please share on your social media as we bring week after week of honest to God unscripted silliness to your Sunday morning wake up. If you haven't watched we have links below!










Steven Peano came on the show last week. You see what we did there? Yes, Steven is a long time friend an the Queen of innuendo. He liked it up and moving on the music decks. I have never had a guest that pilfered the track list as much as he did. Made me feel good, your a good man Steven. We talked about our other usual guest Mindy, her cat Bo, Steven's sweetheart Emerel, and whether the music on this weeks set list sucked or not lol... with a TON of new music off the charts. To be honest though we went back and listened and we're like that Playlist was soooooo gay. And we loved it! We do record shows but some of us are facing a crisis of conscious because really, Friday night is like Vegas and our linkedIN profiles would not approve. What do you think? Drop us a note at thecrew@outjax.com or IM us on fb messenger.


Chaaaaaase! Our newest and youngest man about media is soon to be bringing us our Media

reviews. Soon? How'bout now! We have one up already and bringing you his critique weekly as a special spin off from Morning Sushi. Chase has been totally an awesome crew member but we know he has more to give! This week he talks Grownish with Mindy. Also, We asked him this week what he wanted his segment to be called. He said "Cut to the Chase!" Bingo baby, we love you Chase and we can't wait to see what you grow into!

See, subscribe, and comment on his segment right here baby!: https://youtu.be/UngA5pcgMaQ


Summer is coming and this studio is heating up, like literally, can you throw us some dollars for an AC unit? We continue to look for love partnerships as we look to take OUTJAX Studios into more and more productions. Morning Sushi is only the first and it's been rocking. Lets be honest though, we have SPAAAAAAAACE to use and use it we want. We talked to several of you that had great ideas and we want to let everyone know the studio is up for more! Got an idea? We want to hear it!


Honestly, screw most social news. The last thing we want is some over the top, overshared stuff in this feed. Instead we'll tell you the newest platform and one we hope to grace with our usual stupidity is BYTE. It's created by some people who did VINE. We watched it and so far it's entertaining as hell. And are we alone in saying that Instagram is a glut of advertising now? Seriously Facebook? You had to screw that one up too? Tik Tok is still ok but I dunno, we have an account but we're not feeling it after the China controlled app decided it was going to choke LGBT posts for fear of "bullying"... yah, right! Last night DJV and Mindy sat down and looked at what we want to do, we'll need a server room and a cast of keebler elves but its gonna happen.


Last night we were hungry. We had just gotten off this long barbershop routine while watching one of our friends get a cut and color... (and seriously, why are salons so easy to complain in?).. and it was asked where to eaaaat for Dinner. Jesus, we're in Riverside and there are so many choices. Tacos? Pizza? Sandwiches? Asian? (STILL NO INDIAN THOUGH, hint hint) Someone made a gutteral "PIZZA CAVE!" sound. What? This new place called PIZZA CAVE. Apparently its a spin off from Sun Ray Cinema. Did people really sit in the lobby and eat this pizza and make fart jokes while a movie was in full swing? So this place comes open next store and they move in, or do you even move into a cave? Isn't it more an evolution or is this like a hermit crab? I digress... So we walk our white asses over and the place.... it looks closed but there is this paddle of a s

ign on the door that says "open". It looked closed from across the street. As soon as you go in you know why... they made it cave like and covered the front windows to block out the light. Inside is a bunch of cool cave decor hanging from the ceiling which gives it the right feels. Its a bit spartan (this is not SPARTA) but the fact that people were in all the booths (that was inconvenient!!) was a good sign. You order at the counter and the selection is right on; we felt like there were plenty of choices. Some things of note: No soda fountain, all bottled sodas, Limited (as of now) draft beer looked available as is water. The place just opened so they have a lot of evolving to do. As for food: pickle chips, a salad, meatball sub, a pepperoni pizza and a hummus pizza later we were stuffed. The group devoured everything. I will def go again. My only suggestion is try their special sounding stuff. The hummus pizza was elite.

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