Sooooo... let's Be Honest... this Blog Post is a jam packed mess of Goodness...

Going back through old published posts hurt a bit because it has been sooooo long since we talked to you from before. I mean, We've been here, cranking out Mindy on Morning Sushi, DJV on Friday Night, Izzy on Fat Tuesday and hanging out but so much has happened this year and we got waaaaay off track, you know? I mean, COVID happened and now this stupid election is coming up... if you Subscribed and have not heard from us, we are getting back in the game and with the program!!! That makes me super excited because any chance to connect with you all is awesome. We love you! 2021 is the year we focus so much on you your bathmats will probably be OJR branded LOL.

Where To Start?

I think of Bare Naked Ladies in times like this:


We fumigated for Termites this last week. It was one of the last steps we had since settling into the studio. NOT SEXY I know but progress has been tremendous behind the scenes. Over the last few months we have been calculating what it will take to get our bathrooms reopened for use by something other than storing empty gas cans... Our bathrooms were hidden behind a wall and show promise of being salvageable, that was exciting to find btw. Why does that matter? We want you in the studio to visit! I have it on good authority that we will be adding more shows to our roster too...


We are currently seeking grant writers, fund-raisers, events planners, and volunteer set crafters. Please reach out to us at thecrew@outjax.com or IM us on facebook. 2021 isn't gonna build itself, we are in the mode where we need help because we're being asked to grow beyond our core group of volunteers and seriously, we have to sleep sometime : )


  • Mystic Sophisticate - Downtempo (Massive Attack, Zero 7, Theivery Corp, ...) Streaming Monday 8 to 12pm OUTJAX.COM or the APP (Google / Apple).

  • Tuesday Night - Fat Tuesday w/ Izzy A'Mon Streaming Facebook Live on OUTJAX Radio Facebook and Izzy A'Mon Facebook Pages, Begins 7ish... Drag Queens you know LOL.

  • Weds - Do something with Friends Ideas: Dinner, Board Games, Movie Night, Text with that friend you have been meaning to say HI! to... or... Go out and get a Slurpee and hang by the river (always on our list),

  • Thursday - Do something for YOU! When is the last time you got a Mani/Pedi? Go get yourself one!

  • Friday 10/23 - Friday Night Live at 8pm EST - 1989 Night with all the Music and Trivia. We party till 11 at OUTJAX.COM or the APP (Google / Apple).


  • MORNING SUSHI on Sunday 10/25 - Guest and Topics TBD but damn, its always fun, thought provoking, or just plain insanity for an AWESOME SUNDAY MORNING. Find us on Facebook Live for OUTJAX and/or Morning Sushi!


This week we had Renee Onyx back in the studio. We knew it was gonna be a laugh fest with these two (They had the crew rolling and comments coming in). You know who you are Mr. Panty Dropper LOL. Topics for this week are Inviting IN vs. Coming OUT, Transplants for Transgender Men, WAP and the end of the PINK TAX. They went so off topic who knows what else they said! Check out the wine glasses Renee brought in.


This week on Friday Night Live was a bit different. DJV brought her excellence to 1988 complete with facts and Trivia. We had never done that, we feel like we should have been saying things like... don't forget we'll be at so and so restaurant next week. Should we have prizes for the high score team? Do you want SWAG? Well OK! Below you will find probably one of the best all encompassing lists for 1988 EVAR with other years added on the OUTJAX RADIO SPOTIFY ACCOUNT. It's a new thing we invite you to follow and enjoy!! We also have 1980 - 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987. Thank you for being a subscriber because then we get to send you cool stuff like this! Best song find of the week (in time for Halloween) is this one: Book Of Love, Witchcraft.


Izzy A'Mon does a show we broadcast on Tuesday nights and it's been a LOT of fun! Every show becomes a small family; it's one of the great reasons we run all year long... we always love seeing each other. I was looking for her Video to show it here and I can't find it... I have an IM to Izzy out to find it and when we do I will post it here. Izzy just reminded me that I had the studio fumigated this week so no show this week. She asked me if I was ok... because, how could I forget THAT expense... its been a long week! Next week is PB&J night and all that entails... do we need to get cleaner ready in advance? The Studio learned a lot since the chicken and soap songs LOL. Linked is one of my favorites, I love when we get DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME : )

WE LOVE YOU AND WE'RE TRYING HARDER! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!... and seriously get yourself that Slurpee, you will thank us!

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