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Here at OUTJAX Radio we can't decide whether we want to slow down or speed up. Some days are hot and heavy, like when you watch a young adult movie and you know they have it in for each other... and other days are relaxed, like when you decide that chocolate and wine are food and that Netflix is somehow one of the other major food groups.

For the last couple of weeks we have missed the hell out of being in the studio and broadcasting live... even though we are media... and media is an essential service... (Worked for WWE right? Why not us!). Far enough. We Dipped our ties in and got a little wet again. This time working with a good friend and recent Morning Sushi Guest, Izzy A'Mon, a local celeb Drag Queen owning her own style! Kayla and I were honored to be her audience as she showered the world in makeup tutorials and a damn good drag routine! You can find her on Facebook here.


Kayla is next to me asking me "We can do this again next week right?".
"Yes Kayla, I miss it too."

We know why people throw themselves into showbiz, its a drug, so addicting. Usually I (DJV) fall asleep after maybe 10 pm... after a show it's hard to sleep until maybe 1AM.


I don't think I have ever formally shared a real OJR schedule in one place ever before... such fail.... much shame... So without delay here is what is happening the week of 4/17 to 4/25 (yes I expanded a little to get in tonight hehe).

4/17, 8pm to 11,

Friday Night Live with DJV -

New/Old/Requested Music (and yes I play just about anything) with special weird and random guests. Tonight I think we're going to have our country repp'n Sieran in the studio and maybe we'll drag Mindy along. The studio is 3000 sqf so social distancing will not be an issue hehe. Maybe we'll throw stuff at each other too to make it seem closer.

4/19, 9AM

MORNING SUSHI with Mindy Stamulis -

Mindy is on the prowl again for a crunchy avery sushi roll of news (If you know where I got this roll name, you are REAL riverside local). She is UN-apologetically UN-filtered and COM-pletely real as she delivers on interesting topics from the news of the week. This week we have special guest Dan Merkan of JASMYN and JACKSONVILLE HRO Fame! Interestingly, I cannot wait to see what funny scene she winds up in this week. Ref below LOL..

4/20, 8pm to 11

Mystic Sophisticate Radio Play

All down-tempo music that will make you feel smarter, like a Starbucks latte! If you like Zero-7, Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, and waaaaay more, thank you will want to catch this while you wind down your Monday evening. We haven't done well advertising Mystic Sophisticate and that is totally on me. I will say that it is one of the better playlists that I have ever personally had the opportunity to create. Get the apps here.

4/21, 7pm-ish Drag Queen Time

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is the Social Connection you wished you had with Drag Queens during a club show. Izzy is so cool and real and humble and we adore her! If you ever wanted to have a real life conversation with a queen while she shows you her latest makeup routine or talks love, life, and drama, then now is your moment, don't screw this up! You can find her and watch the shows on her FB live here, we will also be streaming her show on our facebook page!


We're just like a Mom, We love you, we love that you visit and read and enjoy OUTJAX for all that our crew works to deliver week after week! Thank you for being a part of this with us, Muah! XOXOX

Now eat your damn veggies!

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