OUTJAX gets a Page

Seems pretty amazing that OUTJax has the love and support to get our own page. It's not something to take lightly. So let me say thank you, THANK YOU WITH BELLS AND <3 <3 <3... Seriously, any newb can get on the web and create one these days so we do not take you for granted!

If you are still reading this, let me entertain you with the journey that got OJR here.

"Yeah, Right... It started with an Earthquake, Birds and Snakes and Aeroplanes"... (R.E.M) It started with me deciding to get back into music after a seriously large departure from any consistent music career. I wrote a story about it, goes a little like this:

I want to be a Music Producer!

Or so that was what I thought... I picked the Alliss Fekkter name, dusted off my composition chops, and off I went... I started to research how to get exposure. In order to get your productions out there it helps to be able to DJ.

I can DJ!

And I have, I have DJ'ed many an OJR show, weddings, NYE Parting and other parties, and run sound for awards ceremonies, events in the park, you name it. But when I first started out I went to everyone I know and they said, "Meh, DJ is cool but what we really need is lights, can you do that?".... Sure I can!

I can do lighting!

And I have, for before mentioned events including the Springfield Halloween Ball. Lighting is technical, I am pretty good with that. It was fun, expensive but fun... But then I got stuck...

So music Producer does not entirely equal DJing does not really equal lighting either... WTF me? What am I doing? Focus for the love of God, just a little bit please...

Think think think... how do I get crazy wild and combine it all? Events? OMG, do you know that everyone with a space big enough to hold 5 people has events today. What a hard road to travel! DJ full time? Do you know how many DJ's are in this town? I can compete pretty well here but damn, cut a girl a break with the discount "bring my stereo to the event" djs.

And then there was PROM...

So I had the pleasure of setting up dance and room lighting for an LGBTQ+ Prom in Jacksonville and It was amazing! I had a great time! At the end of the prom someone made a comment to a best friend that they wished they could hear more LGBTQ+ music, that there are a ton of good Artists that are out there. My friend told me that in casual conversation and the light went ON! I looked it up and sure enough, we are in the "Bloom[ing]" of a HUGE LGBT MUSIC REVOLUTION. Sorry, had to point out TRoye Sivan's Bloom song that took over 2018. So wait, what? Now radio?

I can do RADIO?

I looked around. I have the equipment to do it. I have the technical skills. It would take a good mic upgrade but this could be done. I started to gather music and think of names, formats, schedules, all of it. I modified my studio to support a live A/V broadcast. It all came together pretty well. The hardest art of any business start up (for me) is the name... names can ruin, names can take you to fame... I looked at all the worlds that our community uses for general terms: Queer, Gay, Out, Pride, etc... eventually OUTJAX Radio was born in name.

Ok, so name, equipment, logistics check... Then I told my friend that I took her comment to me and ran with it. She said, "Great, when is your first show?" I stopped and "uh, uh, uh.... I think I can do two weeks from now?" And she immediately told all her friends w/o telling me she was broadcasting it to the world. Individuals were excited, some amused, some like "whatevs" and some said "It's about time!"... I was terrified.

For two weeks I practices my butt off, talking on the mic, getting used to hearing my own voice, making sure I *COULD* actually broadcast. And on July 20th, 2018, OUTJAX Radio had show number 1 and it's been going ever since.

To all of you that said that I could do it, to all my listeners, guests and everyone past, present and future, thank you!!!

<3 DJV

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