OMG This Last Week

Since we sent out our call for action it's been a ridiculous busy week!

So it begins like this.... wait, no, I need coffee to get me through this, one moment.

Ahhhh.... Caffine, it's in my veins...

So it begins like this. Tuesday we get word that all bars and clubs are shut down and it immediately makes us think of our friends and family. Well, because we still believe in community and we know so many people in the service and entertainment industries. They are freaking out, we are freaking out, and Facebook is sucking all our souls down this very dark drain.

So we decided that we're going to help any way we can. We have some very close people living to us who do open mics and other events and we call them over. "Listen, we want to help, we have this studio, we can broadcast and put on the show on AIR!" Awesome idea! Time to brainstorm how.

Who can we help? How can we help? Who can help us? The whole list of questions we asked ourselves is very long. By Tuesday night we had a rough sketch of how this was going to play out for the week. Time to put it into Action. This is where Kayla comes in.

Next thing I know Kayla is running crazy with this thing. She is talking the talk, walking the walk, and dancin g on the phone and internet for hours coordinating, answering questions, making plans, thinking of ideas, and making it happen. Soon Wednesday is set up... then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My God, She is full of stars!

Meanwhile, Veronica is getting the studio set up big time. She moved so much trash, cleaned, planned, set up, and coordinated so we would have a space, stages, backdrops, and technology in place. In 2 days during the evening we did what we were planning to have done in two months!

Wednesday comes and we had fun, the girls of Wine Chat with Dr Kennesha were fun and priceless. I remember the decor was off the charts, we loved the bling. Then the tech they brought wasn't quite working so we waited to see if they could do they get it online. Meanwhile our host and guests we're already into the wine so when they did go live, it was hilarious! Loved it and we will probably have them back online this Wednesday night. I hope they read their manuals :-P

Thursday was crazy. I'm working my reg job from the studio and sweating how to put on an open mic that night. In walks Kevin of KevinCo (Construction/Handyperson) and we quickly were like... "can you build us some stages?" Done! Stages are built and set, studio cleaned like a mad person! Next up was organizing the people. Taryn, aka Love Reigns, and Kayla were all over it getting people and itinerary done. They got music and logistics written down and we're on for the night. From the moment we went live it was sup[er challenging keeping up with performers technical needs but we put on a hell of a good show. We went live with Love Reigns, Keri Foster, Chris Boder, Ebony Payne-English, Kia Nicole, Lady G, Rashad Hawkins, Rashon Medlock, Immani Love, Eric Jamaal Williams, Darcy, Moses West, and many more!

Friday was OJR's regular Friday Night Live show. We've had the studio now and people dropping by to talk. This week was Shelby (Sp?) from the local smoke and vape shop in Springfield. I wanna say it is the House of Glass(?). It got important and fun. For a little while we were talking the vape crisis with the bootleg THC cartilages and then somehow we transferred to true confessions. Truth or dare? Yeah, that is what you get when you bring up dishing on the hostess LOL. The Friday show has transformed a little as we're more talking now and playing music. We'll go back and forth for sure. In the meantime we love the company!

What happens on Friday Night Live stays on Friday Night Live. Sorry ya'll, its not for the feint of heart lol.

Saturday was stoopid with to OOs. We painted the stage, set up the gayest rainbow background ever, and coordinated with a million people to get the word out. Again Kayla is working seriously while telling Veronica that her sweeping and cleaning the floors was so important. We know who does the heavy lifting now! (FYI, this is Veronica typing this out). The challenge was how to do a show with live music and unexpected events and get it out on social media known for shutting copy-written music and video down. We had Love Reigns, DJEnerji, Sweet Tea, Gabby Lea, Ree, GeeXella, Izza A'mon, Christina E! live on the show. It was fantastic! You can watch here:

Sunday we wrapped the weekend with Morning Sushi featuring Izzy A'Mon and we were thrilled to have her. Mindy brought Mass LGBT Weddings in Mexico, Social Media Stars lick Toilets (gross, what?) and Limes for Corona. Izzy was a delight to have on the show and brought a lot to say with her. It was such an honor to have her add to our collection of memorabilia too! We tried the RGB lights this week but I think next week we go back to bright and sunny! Watch and comment on the show here:

What will this week bring?

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