OJRs Many Live Shows: Weird, Spontaneous @8 EST Fridays

Its a bit LOL, the title. I never know what a show will REALLY be like until I am in the middle of it. Consider me the Tarot reader of Music 🦄 (All good DJs are similar). Tonight's theme is Indie and I feel indie, like an independent DJ throwing my middle finger up at the rest of the radio world and saying:

My looking totally badass while my beloved Cotten Family sends me a toast! <3

"You know what??? Good music with laughs, love, and a live DJ is better than your automated s**t. 😝

Pay no attention that the rest of the station hours are actually automated...for now... but for three hours on a Friday night @ 8PM EST in the US, its just you and me baby. You can sit, lounge, relax, dance, party, eat, study, or clean the house, anywhere in the world, and talk with me, I LOVE that! Call me biased, but I Love my show. I can play anything and say anything. And then I'm ALWAYS looking for other DJs to carry on the love...

Listeners and Friends hanging out listening to me when they could be listening to the house music!

But what is the show really about? What is it like? I mean seriously?
Live Show Link: https://www.outjax.com/ojr-live

This is a ****ing good space to enjoy music together, like you're hanging out with your best friend flipping through YouTube Videos drinking wine (or beer or Tea if that is your preference...save me some Chai please!). Its a safe space, a space to laugh, and a space to cry. It can be a space to vent, and a good space to ask questions. You can ask me anything and I will stop the whole show (after a song has finished) to answer it... try me : ) ... You can come in alone... say "hi" and leave with friends... global LGBT and Ally friends... Seriously. This isn't some do-goodee non-profit support show. This is the whole legit deal, raw and uncensored... @#$%ing straight from my mic to your ear.

I talk about current events, funny, stoopid, tragic, sad, heartwarming. We have live guests from time to time, even friends that drop in to say "hi!". My goal is to be the Daily show of the Gay Radio world. I look mean or serious or goofy depending on the day, I sound like Gomer Pile and people say I'm funny. What else can there be?

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