OJR is Asking for It: Contributing Writers, Artists and all things creative!

We know what you are thinking!!

Outjax Radio is pulling off the covers and sharing our exploration of all things LGBT media. Want to experiment with us?? Of course you do! We're pretty experimentual too. Not only will we want your Bi lines but we need your whole editorial, nothing less would satisfy.

Outjax Radio is growing and looking for contributors... BUT we are looking for contributors that know their stuff, explore their stuff, question their stuff, draw stuff, monologue stuff, photo stuff, video stuff, and all things that can be stuffed in all places. We have been asked what we limit contributions too and the sky is the limit.

There are some asks though. The limit is only on the vibe of content that plays with our audience. Edgy, positive, questioning, supporting, and even sexual-positive is all good. Negative or otherwise drama filled is usually passed on unless the overall message is questioning/neutral/exploring. Politics is case by case but mostly meh as people are burned out.

What do we offer to our contributors? LOTS! What we can provide to our contributors is a growing cultivated audience (Outjax invests in it's marketing), equipment (locally), and infrastructure to meet that goal. (Video HD & 4K), Audio, Software, Marketing, you name it is in our portfolio of capabilities. This is not a paid adventure... yet... but you are free to pull from our audience into your own monetization efforts. When OJR reaches the audience level for income, income will be shared on an as yet to be determined scale.

If that sounds like something you would like to try, I invite you in to talk to me more over coffee locally or over video/skype/facetime/facebook vid in the coming weeks and I will fill you in on the larger picture. Also, if you are connected with anyone that may be interested, please feel free to share this info.

Email us at thecrew@outjax.com or message us on www.facebook.com/outjaxradio.

Thank you, and I'll be watching!

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