Love is Love, Apps are In!

" @&^%!!, are you kidding me Apple? You mean I have to buy an Apple Product just for this?" - DJV trying to publish the apple app.

The good news. LGBT Internet Radio now has a dedicated App. No Commercials, an Alarm, A sleep function... its all very legit if we do say so!

Don't believe us? Download it and tell us your thoughts. You can email me directly at thecrew@outjax.com and tell me.

The journey to get here was fought with frustration... namely that I wanted to get this out to you... I know what a pain it is to love good music and have it be difficult to get to... seriously... I have a hard time pulling up my OWN site and tuning in. Now though? I'm all like "I LOVE ROCK'N ROLL! PUT ANOTHER DIME...] blasting all the way down the highway.

Yes, I left that off intentionally... You know the lyrics!

Google was good to us.... we were rocking in like 3 days. Bod-a Boom! Multi-pass!

So click on the pictures to get the app and start listening to one of the best stations, curated for you! Expect you will hear Dance, Pop, Rock, RnB, Soul, Hiphop, Occasionally some country (Kasey Musgraves!).

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