Video Interview with Chloie Kensington

Chloie Kensington is President of the "Triple S" as she calls it, the Stiletto Sisters Society. First and foremost she is a woman of faith and a leader in our LGBT community. I brought her into the studio to talk about herself and her work in our community, especially after working with her on an awareness event after the Trans Women of Color murders last year.

The first thing I noticed was that she is fun but serious, human and relatable, understanding but wanting people to challenge their own selves for the better of us all. She is an asset to you, to me, and to Jacksonville. I was interested to hear her remark that she walks in with people looking down on her and then she walks out as someone to be admired. She IS someone to be admired, a role model where role models are needed, certainly one to this interviewer.

The Stiletto Sisters Society is an LGBT Advocacy and Support Organization. They are well organized, operated by a Board of Directors, and funded from contributions from individuals like you and I and other LGBT Organizations with common goals including JASMYN, Equality Florida, and the Jacksonville Equality Coalition. One of their 2019 goals is a coat drive for Trans Youth to be used in the 2019 winter months and into 2020. You can take action and support by either contributing to the GoFundMe page, sponsoring during their car wash event (link below) or getting your car washed... because Pollen!!!

Go easy on us, this was our first taped interview and we're not used to important subjects like this. We'll get better, we promise. I'll let her do the rest of the talking but I do want to point out a few links to our talking subjects:

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