Hope... and other News from OUTJAX

We all know the blah blah going on right now. Meh. Lets talk about what is happening instead.

This week we got off our assess (honestly we really never sit down) and hashed out a plan. In our town all our bars and clubs have been shut down and that super sucks. We're a private studio so we do what we want but there are so many performers that now have zero venue and that also super sucks.

Enter our crew's ideas:

"Lets host the artists and performers that got thrown out of their venue!" ~ Everyone

So yesterday we started our plan and today and tomorrow and every day on from this point we're putting it into action. We may have the vibe of an abandoned warehouse but we have space, power, and a working clean bathroom with soap, TP, and a hand-less paper towel dispenser so that is like batting 80% right there! We even have coffee and creamer!

But how do we even do this?

So we reached out to all the performers we know in our circle and we made lists of everyone we know will be affected. We also made lists of all the people we hope can help even though how we don't quite know yet and got a good commitment from our staff to do this. We have video, audio, lighting, and space to do it and we're moving into action. We will be hosting all the performers, poets, queens, artists, musicians that respond to us and putting them online on Facebook, Youtube, IGTV, Vimeo, and any other platform we can get to stream out stuff.

How can you help?

We need people to watch, re-post, and share the word that this is coming down. We hope people will watch, interact, enjoy, and honestly just take care of yourselves while we're all dealing. Watch for OUTJAX supporting our community here and out there and help us get our and our performers messages out!.

Please be Safe and Happy Too!

Its a huge time for self care. Wake up in the morning and ask yourself: "What can I do for me today?" and do it. We love you!


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