Every week or so we throw out this completely shoot-from-the-hip blog to talk about what is going on. It's real, usually very unscripted, and probably more sharing than we should... but meh, you're family now people. This should be like a train wreck you look forwards to reading.

Let me start by saying SCREW COVID and that at the same time it gave us a huge chance to look internally and see what we are doing (and we do a lot). Over the last two months we were pushed beyond our comfort limits. We put on live shows with marginally tested equipment and processes that most of us had no experience using. It turned out beautifully.

Can you imagine someone walking into the studio and saying "This live show we're about to do in 2 mins, yeah, we need to add [THIS] and yes I know we're not prepared". It was hugely stressful and yet very successful. It is a HUGE testament to us as a station/studio but also to the many cast and crew members that make OUTJAX every week. It's in our Mantra, OUTJAX isn't a station, its the people that make it happen. You may have seen some of the live video work, or heard changes over the internet air waves of our broadcast. You may have seen some of these people like the beautiful Kayla that not only puts up with me but somehow manages to get shows out every week while I sit at the steering wheel and talk like a pirate. Kayla is one of many we will feature over upcoming blogs... because dammit, these people deserve all the praise I can give them!

So Changes....

Honestly, everything needs to be changed and updated. The website needs it, I don't think half of it is really that valuable anyway, do you? I mean seriously? I thought someone might want to comb through the music that we host on our station? Does anyone even have time for that???? That was dumb unless you are a DJ or competing radio station lol. There is a lot of music here and no one here can keep up much less post it all to a website, OMG!.

However, We do need a schedule! I love our crew, they have been after me about it. So I sat down today and am putting one together. Do you know what Outjax puts out? WE KNOW! But that doesn't help you does it. We don't advertise to mind readers, oh wait, we just did.

We did change one thing...

If you have subscribed, you should know there will be a little love in your mailbox from

the cast and crew coming soon. We have had a lot of brighter days because of all of you

signing up and telling us you want to hear from us! You know, we all want to be appreciated and also when you subscribe we feel like hugging you ❤ . If you have previously subscribed but not included your address, please re-up your subscription with your address and we will send you love too!

Of note is that the subscription is not a one time gimmick. You are the FIRST PERSON on our minds when we think of doing cool stuff. We were thinking of a movie night in studio. Someone asked:

"Who do we invite?"
"Our Subscribers first!".
"Do we want to invite anyone else? "
"Uh.... naaaa..."

Other Things

Cut to the Chase is a crazy movie review show we are developing. It started out with Chase Combs reviewing solo and then it added his sister Alexis. And that is when it all went sideways... Its insane to watch two siblings go at it on camera over movies. Yes... we know they love each other... but still, the side-eyes, sarcasm, and verbal duels these two put on are too much... 4 or 5 episodes in I was like we should call this "Movie Fight!" Can you hear that old Street Fighter voice: "ROUND 1, FIIIIGHT!"? We could. We're changing the name to Film Fight and working on all that is Film Fight. Link to the videos here!

In case you didn't know...

Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande put out a new song you should hear before any of your gay friends find out you haven't. Thank us later!

And that's, The more you know...

Welcome to the fold, we seriously are glad to have you; can not say enough cool things or stop planning on when we can get everyone out to meet you in person. Thank you for all the social media likes, the subscribing(!) and everything you do day after day to cheer us on, it makes our day, our weeks, and those times we want to sleep but we're doing production TOTALLY WORTH IT!


DJV and the OUTJAX Crew

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