• If LGBT people weren't ever assaulted, denied jobs, made fun of, bullied, where would we be? What would we be doing?

  • What do LGBTQ+ people want in the end? To be treated like everyone else as perfectly normal and accepted? If we got there, would we still have an identity? 

  • LGBTQ+ is a group associated more and more with the word Freedom. 

  • How GAY is GAY in current Media posts? Are we all trying to out-GAY one another?

  • The rise in BI-visibility and outspokenness. Why now or were we just not paying attention?

  • What have the effects of LGBTQ+ rights advancement meant for LGBTQ+ Bars and Clubs? Many seem to be closing. Is this a trend? 

  • What does the Rise of LGBTQ+ Visibility around the world mean for the LGBTQ+ Community as a whole? 

  • Is mainstream media faking their way into the pink-dollar vault? 

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